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Technology to exceed limits

Our projects are developed using technologies that enhance the potential of your company.

Digital Transformation

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds enables a general transformation of the operation. SPI has helped discover new business models that shift technology’s position in the support value chain to source of revenue.

Artificial Inteligence

The advancement of AI has triggered a new technological race. Development of predictive and prescriptive capabilities in the operation are key to competitiveness. We’ve helped several companies to use AI to become unique.

Digital Twins

PDCA is the main tool used in the continuous improvement of the operation. With the digital twins the PDCA cycle is shortened, it is possible to improve the process virtually before its implantation. SPI has a modern laboratory for digital validation to support our customers’ innovation.


The simultaneous development of collaborative robotics, artificial intelligence, the ubiquity of IoT and digital simulations made new applications viable. We are daily enabling to our customers new ways of using robots, drones and AGVs in process optimization.

Internet of Things

With the start of the IPv6 protocol, the ability of all things that went offline in online became a reality, opening a possibility to rethink the ability to collaborate in the Supply Chain. With IoT, the relationship with the client can stop being something punctual to become a continuous process. At SPI we have a team ready to think along with our customers to use IoT to achieve productivity leaps.

Business Automation

In the 21st century there is no room for value-free activities, islands of information, and gaps between planning and execution. You need transparency and agility to be able to operate on a C2B model instead of B2C. We have the experience of dozens of BA projects focused on preparing our clients for the dynamics of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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