The main goal of Automation Technology unit is to build robust control systems for our customers.

This unit is composed of electrical engineering professionals with extensive knowledge in the key technology platforms. The main technology alliances of this unit are with the companies GE, Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, Siemens, Honeywell and Schneider.

The professionals of Automation Technology area are qualified with solid experience in the application of automation technologies. Among the components of this technology are SCADA, PLCs, DCS and HMIs systems.

The area offers support through maintenance contracts for post start-up. Our focus is to give the customers peace of mind when they decide to invest in automation.

The projects of this unit are designed to end customers, internal customers and OEMs.


  • PLC Programming: PLC programming in small, medium and large architectures;
  • DCS Programming: Small and medium-sized DCS Programming;
  • Scada Configuration: Scada setup in stand-alone applications and client server architectures;
  • Outsourcing: Supply of PLC programming manpower for OEMs;


  • Project Management
  • PLC – Programming
  • IHM – Programming
  • SCADA – Configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Startup
  • Production Monitoring
  • Technical Assistance
  • Batch System 588: Rockwell / GE / Wonder Wall
  • Automation outsourcing
  • Automation Master Plan AMP

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