Mercedes-Benz do Brasil Ltda. is already operating at the knowledge frontier in terms of Industry 4.0. An undisputed pioneer in Jornada 4.0, MBB is already thinking about its next steps. Members of our research team (Elcio Brito, Alfredo Ferraz, Toni Meneses and Luís Araújo, in partnership with Octavio de Barros da Quantum4 and João Roncati of People + Strategy) had the opportunity to present some of the book “Automação & Sociedade: Quarta Revolução Industrial um olhar para o Brasil” and participate in the strategic discussions of the next steps of MBB under the leadership of Carlos Santiago and coordinated by Rafael Gazi and Giuliano Silva. The vision and aspiration of the MBB team dispels any doubts about our ability to mobilize and create a Brazil 4.0.

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