The conversion of the Biological, Physical and Virtual world is not eminent, it is happening right now. This is the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One of the main effects of this conversion is the impact it will have in productivity, and one of the industries that is most affected by that is the Agribusiness in all its sectors. And SPI knows that. This is why we innovated again: We brought specialists from these three worlds in every area, which included professionals from Consulting Companies, Tech Companies, Universities and Stakeholders from Agribusiness, as speakers. With these exceptional professionals we created an amazing workshop that brought great value to everyone involved. This kind of high level discussion is one of the Pillars in which SPI is based.

The result of this workshop came with clear diagnoses and opportunities that should be explored so that we can develop productivity in an exponential manner. And with that support and guide the Agribusiness sector to our motto: Technology to Exceed Limits.

SPI feels privileged of being part of this Revolution, and we want to thank and congratulate everyone involved in this workshop. Thank you and we hope to see you all in the next one!

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