The company has a multidisciplinary team of approximately 140 professionals, composed of engineers and technicians from four areas of engineering knowledge: production, mechanics, electrical and software.


Our Value Propostion is to integrate cutting-edge technologies to enable projects that accelerate your productivity. To deliver this result, our Daily Business is divided into four main activities: innovation management, research, consultancy and systems implementation.

Innovation management

Innovation management at SPI consists of 8 elements: innovation drivers, innovation strategy, HR management, knowledge management, dynamic training, generation of ideas, prioritization and implementation. The operating cycle of this methodology was designed to assist SPI in understanding and developing its dynamic capabilities.

Such development aims to improve the detection and capture of new service possibilities through the regular investigation of innovation drivers and through the practice of knowledge management in the realization of lessons learned in executed projects.


In the research team we have two post-doctoral students, three doctoral students and two master’s students. This team studies about Revolution 4.0, Smart Cities, Innovation Management System, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Optimization and Advanced Materials. The products of these surveys are fed and shared in four ways: classes, books and articles, lab work and experimental projects.

Classes, seminars and workshops

The members of the SPI research team are guest professors from USP, UNINOVE, MAUÁ, speakers and organizers of several knowledge dissemination events.


Seminars at USP dedicated to the discussion on the implementation of digital drug traceability in Brazil.


Open workshops at SPI focused on the discussion about the sectoral impacts of Industry 4.0 technologies.


Customized workshops at SPI, organized in conjunction with INSPER, dedicated to the discussion on technologies of Industry 4.0.


Customized online workshops, organized by SPI and its partners, dedicated to the discussion of individual challenges in journey 4.0.

Books and Articles

It is the team’s practice to develop scientific articles and book chapters. Outstanding contributions are for the publications: Automação & Sociedade – Quarta Revolução Industrial, um olhar para o Brasil in 2018 and Governança Digital 4.0 in 2019.

Automação & Sociedade. Quarta Revolução Industrial, um olhar para o Brasil

“It is impossible to remain indifferent after reading Automação & Sociedade. The rupture of the old paradigms, provided by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, causes changes that affect from the citizen’s daily life to the model of development of nations.”

Pedro Passos is a businessman, co-founder and member of the board of directors of Natura Cosméticos

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Governança Digital 4.0

“Clearly and directly, it shows the importance of governance in a digital world, agile and fast in decision making. Mandatory reading for company managers, whether they are directly responsible for IT organizations, or executives who use digital technologies to generate value for their operations. In short, all executives! Good reading!”

Cezar Taurion is a businessman, columnist for CIO Magazine and Computerwold Brasil

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The team members collaborate with several laboratories from the main universities in the country. SPI co-led with Siemens the structuring of the country’s first digital manufacturing laboratory, within the FEI opened in 2016. First Brazilian Digital Manufacturing Laboratory, the FEI Lab received a PACE Laboratory Award, by a commission formed by GM, Siemens, Autodesk, Oracle and Hewlett Packard.

Since 2014, SPI has been actively participating in the development of the Connected Health laboratory at Hospital das Clínicas, USP Medical School.

Experimental Projects

Team members have an active participation in several working groups and innovative projects, dedicated to democratizing the concepts and technologies of Revolution 4.0.

Collaborative Robotics Project, made with design by Mauá, with the objective of assisting conductor João Carlos Martins in conducting shows.

Digital Transformation Project, idealized and led by SPI, with the purpose of democratizing the concepts of industry 4.0 with Brazilian society, through its greatest cultural manifestation.

Proof of Concept of the feasibility of applying technologies of Revolution 4.0 to help combat Covid-19.


The simultaneous exponential development of technologies in the physical, digital and biological world, in Revolution 4.0, created multiple opportunities for innovation. SPI has theoretical and factual experience in conducting consulting processes in digital transformation, which aim to help companies become 4.0. In this transformation process, where the boundaries between the innovation and technology strategy are blurred, SPI contributes widely in different ways.


SPI has solid experience in the implementation of integration projects for Industrial Automation, Robotization and in Digital Technology applications. Our projects are carried out with extensive collaboration and transparency with our customers. Supported by our PMtoolbox project platform. The PMToolbox consists of application software on a web platform composed of an integrated structure of tools and good practices to support SPI’s project and portfolio management.

Developed with the main objective of generating a strategic and integrated vision of the projects, it allows monitoring, control and support to decision making in relation to the projects and the portfolio.

The PMtoolbox is premised on a tactical-strategic approach, focusing on the governance processes of the projects.

Monitoring of their main KPIs, trend, comparative and status charts, customized reports, project and portfolio dashboards


SPI has a horizontal structure to support the implementation of projects, composed of two engineering centers, one in São Paulo and the other in Rio Grande do Sul, in addition to a Digital Simulation laboratory and an area for equipment buyoff.


SPI’s purpose is to provide solutions in industrial automation and information technology. The objective is to satisfy our customers by complying with the specified, normative and legal requirements regarding quality, environment, health and safety, training our employees and maintaining a good work environment.


The SPI Group is formed by engineering companies focused on industrial automation solutions, information systems and cutting-edge technology. The industry is our main customer. The SPI Group seeks to bring solutions that increase the productivity of its customers and that generate value for the partners.


To be the most trusted group of automation companies in the Brazilian industry, our employees and partners.


Satisfied customer; Safety in the work environment; Quality in everything we do; Committed and accomplished people; Ethical behavior; Promote innovation and be open to new ideas; Respect for people; Promote the entrepreneurial spirit of its employees.


SPI is certified by ABNT in the following conformities: Occupational Health and Safety Management, Environmental Management and Quality Management.