Automation & Society – 4th class.

This class was created in a collaboration between Porf. Dr. Eduardo Mario Dias (GAESI/USDP), Marcos Barbosa and Elcio Brito (researcher at GAESI/USP and Senior Executive at SPI). This 4th class promoted integration not only between USP students, but also with other colleges such as, FEI, MAUÁ, INSPER e UFRGS, which also show interest on the subject.

The Automation & Society classes brought a team of fantastic researchers and specialists (Ingo Ploger, Rafael Gazi, Denis Pineda, Mauricio Casotti, Leandro Gregorut, Alexandre Santos, Marcos Vinícius Souza, André Duarte, Sergio Jacobsen and Lucas Câmara) to whom we are immensely grateful, they contributed to a holistic construction on critical success factors to seize opportunities and escape the pitfalls of this new revolution.

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