SPI actively participates in actions and panels in order to anticipate the next major advances in the main technologies of Revolution 4.0

  • Digital Economy and Industry 4.0

    Among the main directives of this new government is the digitization of the Brazilian economy. The Brazilian Agency for Industrial Development (ABDI) has a strategic position in this process. To support this process, our director, Élcio Brito, led a workshop in Brasilia with the agency to discuss the impacts of potential technologies on the main […]

  • SPI’s first MIT Engineering intern

    This January, SPI welcomed Rianna Jitosho to Brazil as the company’s first MIT Engineering intern. This was part of the MIT Externship Program, which gives students opportunities to gain experience outside the US, in companies where there are MIT
    Alumni (our CFO Joao Seixas is an MBA graduate from MIT Sloan).

    Rianna was involved in projects within […]

  • Open House – Assembly Shop

    After a lot of work and investment, SPI ends the project of transferring its engineering operations to São Caetano do Sul/SP with the opening of its Assembly Shop on Dec. 11. This new space allows the control of all the stages of a cyber-physical transformation, from research to assembly of a robotic system. SPI was […]


    The conversion of the Biological, Physical and Virtual world is not eminent, it is happening right now. This is the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. One of the main effects of this conversion is the impact it will have in productivity, and one of the industries that is most affected by that is the […]

  • Deep Dive Insper & Aalto – Digital Transformation

    The world is experiencing the beginning of a new industrial revolution. This is due to the end of the limits within the physical, biological and digital worlds. This merge enables the creation of new and unimaginable business models. Insper in partnership with Aalto University Executive Education brought with excellence this discussion to their course in […]

  • #egp2018 – Encontro de Gerenciamento de Projetos 2018

    SPI participated in the PMI Brasília meeting (https://www.pmidf.org/egp/) where the role of the project manager in digital transformation was discussed. Our contribution was a speech made by director Elcio Brito, where it was established that the goal of transformation must be compatible with the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are beginning to experience. We can […]