SPI actively participates in actions and panels in order to anticipate the next major advances in the main technologies of Revolution 4.0

  • ANPEI 2018 Conference

    Élcio Brito, director of SPI, will attend the ANPEI Conference on Innovation 2018 – “New Levers of Value Creation”, on August 15 at 2:00pm in Gramado/RS

    Sign up (closed): http://www.conferenciaanpei.org.br/inscricoes.html

    Full schedule: http://www.conferenciaanpei.org.br/programacao-tabela.html

  • SPI at FCE Pharma

    On May 23, SPI participated in FCE Pharma – International Exhibition of Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    Elcio Brito spoke about “How the Fourth Industrial Revolution will transform the Pharmaceutical Industry” at the Knowledge Arena.

    FCE Pharma is the main marketing and sales platform that plays an important role in the evolution of the industry, not only […]

  • Opportunities in the USA

    Since January of this year, SPI has been looking for more opportunities in the US. Since then, the directors Marcos Barbosa and Tadeu Viana have visited companies like HIROTEC, DAIFUKU AMERICA, ESYS, TRANTEK and GALLAGHER-KAISER. The results have been exciting, we have already signed 4 contracts with these companies, involving mechanical design, electrical design, PLC […]

  • Siemens Industry Symposium 2017

    SPI through our director Marcos Barbosa participated in the panel “Talkshow Innovation, Technology and Investments for a more competitive market” at Siemens Industry Symposium 2017 in São Paulo. Among other things, he pointed out that the digital manufacturing and simulation tools transport us to an environment where we can free ourselves from the “fear” of […]

  • Workshop Tipping Point Talks

    On August 22, SPI held the first workshop TIPPING POINT TALKS, with the theme Digital Factory. The goal of the workshop was to build a holistic view on the path to becoming an Industry 4.0.
    The event, which took place at the headquarters of SPI, was attended by Dr. Carlos Sakuramoto (Manufacturing Engineer responsible for technology […]