The main goal of the Information Technology unit is to contribute to compliance, productivity and sustainability of our customers processes.

This unit is composed of software and automation engineering professionals with certification and extensive knowledge in the main technological platforms. The main technology alliances of this unit are with the companies IBM, SAP, GE, Rockwell Automation and Apriso. As an example of certifications, we have:

IBM: WebSphere Sensor Event, Modeler, Maximo, Infosphere Traceability Server, Integrated Information Framework and Condition Based Monitoring.

SAP: MII, ME, Vision Enterprise, Auto-Id, PP e ABAP.

Rockwell Automation: Production Center, Vantage Point, Scheduler, PlantMetrics e Historian.

GE: Plant Applications.

Apriso: FlexNet.

Besides of the software expertise, our professionals have proven experience in the advanced technologies for data collection such as RFID, Wireless, Vision and Telemetry.

The projects of this unit are intended to increase the visualization, control and optimization of the quality management, productivity, inventory and operations maintenance in all segments that SPI operates.


  • Operation Assessment & Planning: Consulting for planning the convergence of IT & TA with the purpose of compliance, productivity and sustainability for all SPI´s segments
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems: Development of relevant MES projects to the Automotive, CPG, Chemical and Mining segments.
  • Real Time Asset Locator: To asset traceability, such as packaging, vehicles and tools. Among the most innovative projects in this area is Foton project that was developed jointly with IBM.
  • Energy Management: Projects for quality control and energy consumption associated with production, based on intelligent relays, historians, SAP MII, and SAP-PP.
  • Product Lifecycle Management: Projects for the integration of CAE tools with ERP in the procurement, manufacturing quality management and customer service processes using SAP-Visual Enterprise.
  • Outsourcing: Resident support contracts for applications to end customers.


  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Java / .Net development
  • Oracle / SQL Serve development
  • ABAP development
  • RFID
  • Handheld applications
  • Industrial networks design configuration
  • Production Monitoring
  • Technical assistance
  • Andon systems
  • EAM – Enterprise Asset Management
  • Systems integration
  • PIMS – Process Information Management System
  • Track & Trace

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