Kickoff 2021

On January 13, SPI held the 2021 kickoff meeting. This meeting is held annually to show the results of the previous year and what we hope for the future.
This year, we held a hybrid event with part of the employees in person and part remote. In addition to the SPI team, we also have the presence of our partners Rafael Pezzella Chiea and Weeney Bolfaine from Rockwell Automation, Arthur Bianchi Sieiro and Osmar Souza from Siemens, Leonardo Gomes from Ladder, Gustavo Tozzo from Universal Robots, Éric G. Dos Santos from Infaimon, Guilherme Oliveira from Eletronor, Lucas Tadeu Torres Silva from JAV Group, Tadeu Fiori from Mais, Gabriel Franco de Campos from Support, Rafael Lisboa from Omron and Celia Costa from People+Strategy.

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