On January 13th, SPI had its 2022 kickoff meeting. This meeting is held annually to show our previous year results e what we expect from the future. The event was held in a hybrid way, with people attending both virtually and in person.

We would like to congratulate SPI’s employees that were highlights of 2021: Caio CardimAna Claudia L. R. de AraujoFabio Spinardi, Edson Dutra, Jonatas MacieiraErick OtoniCaio AugustoRubens FerreiraFlávio D. NascimentoCarla Xavier Pardini, Camila Policarpo and Henrique Queiroz Esmarjassi.

Also, we would like thank the following for coming to the event: Eng. Fernanda Arimatéia Alcantara from B&R; Luiz Roberto Egreja from Dassault; Daniel Cupponi from Contric; Diego Oliveira from Elipse; Éric G. Dos Santos from Infaimon; Matheus V. from JAV; Marcelo Nascimento and Edouard Mekhalian from Kuka; Leonardo Gomes and Rogério Pereira from Ladder; Tadeu Fiori from Mais Industrial; Fernando Luis Ceglio from People+Strategy; Weeney Bolfaine and Camila Inoue from Rockwell; Renato Silva and Heitor Dehe from Schneider; Mairon Cezar Anthero from Schunk; Ronnie Sanchez Eusébio, Carlos Eduardo and Arthur Bianchi Sieiro from Siemens; and Luca Gabrielli from Tracelink.

And a special thanks to Ronnie Eusébio for his touching lecture: “Life is Always a glass Half full”, to Fernando Ceglio, who taught us about “Talent management, people, and performance: 9Box” and to Joao Seixas, who couldn’t attend, but made and excellent video with his forecasts for 2022 economy.

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