Overcome to innovate campaign launch.

This week we launched the fourth edition of our internal incentive campaign named Overcome to Innovate (in Portuguese: Superar para Inovar). This campaign works like a game, were the employees score points when they fulfill a campaign requisite. At the end of the month a rank is generated, and the top ones are rewarded.

The 2021 season of the Overcome to Innovate campaign is held by five pillars:
Knowledge and innovation, Health, Quality, Walk the Talk, and individual social responsibility. These five fields encompass the work environment, aiming for SPI’s progress, as well as the personal environment, with the objective of helping with employee’s life quality improvement. Each pillar holds indicators and through them the participants can score points.

We at SPI believe that in open innovation and collaboration, everyone can grow together. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Got curious and want to know a bit more on how this campaign works? Contact us and let’s talk about it.

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