Rianna’s experience (MIT Engineering intern) in SPI

Rianna Jitosho sent a message to SPI’s team about how was her experience in Brazil during her internship here:

“I had an amazing experience in Brazil, and I am so happy to have spent my month abroad with SPI. I enjoyed being able to apply my past experiences from coursework and extracurricular activities at MIT to an industry context. For example, while I was familiar with CAD and working in an assembly shop, this January was the first time I witnessed the complete work flow of requirements gathering, design standards, mechanical design, design reviews, simulation, assembly, and installation. Outside of OT, I was able to learn about SPI’s work with virtual reality, which I could connect to VR projects I had seen at MIT.
At the same time, I was exposed to processes and technologies completely new to me. In my second week, I had the opportunity to create simulations for the validation of robot operations. During my last week, I had my first visit to a manufacturing plant, and I was excited to be able to recognize individual parts and assemblies from SPI among the complexity of everything there.
I am incredibly grateful for all the conversations and demonstrations over the course of the four weeks at SPI. I was extremely impressed with everyone I met, and I have learned so much from my time there!”

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