SNCM Checklist TaskForce – Free Workshops

Medication tracking deadline – 04/28/22
Normative instruction approved by Anvisa’s board
Engage on the task force – Free online Workshops


Starts: 08/26 at 09:30 – Register at:

As the deadline for the SNCM approaches, sharing the lessons and tools learned is fundamental to speed up the processes e mitigate re doing work.
The Checklist TaskForce is a series of free online workshops with the front runners of SNCM implementation.

Meet the experts:
Paulina Ortolan, Erika Diago Rufino, Cybelle Esteves.

Meet the co-host team:
Antonio Cabral, Ari Nelson Rodrigues Costa, Amanda Neves, Jairo Cardoso, Luca Gabrielli, Jade Lumi Satomi, Elcio Brito, Ph.D. Marcelo Sereno.

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