Visits at SPI: Prof. Dr. Sanjay Sarma and Dr. Gitanjali Swamy

Last Tuesday (07), SPI received the visits of Prof. Dr. Sanjay Sarma and Dr. Gitanjali Swamy. The objective was to meet SPI and define a joint work plan to support companies in Brazil in the process of reversing their business models. Sanjay is CEO of IoTask, Vice President of Open Learning at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and author of “The Investment Factor: How to Thrive in the IoT Economy.” Gitanjali is the managing director of IoTask and founder of Women in Tech Center – U.C. Berkeley. Both were in Brazil to speak at SASI 4.0, an event organized by USP and sponsored by SPI, which discusses the challenges for a 4.0 society.

Read the interview of Sanjay Sarma for Valor Econômico:

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