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Our projects are developed using methodologies and enabling technologies from Industry 4.0.

Digital Transformation

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds enables a general transformation of industrial operations. SPI has collaborated in the design of new technology architectures that enable incremental and more radical innovations in the industries.

Artificial Inteligence

The advance of AI has challenged companies. Predictive and prescriptive capabilities in operations are key to competitiveness. We help companies discover AI opportunities with the greatest potential for success.

Digital Twins

With the digital twins the PDCA cycle is shortened, it is possible to validate the processes virtually before implantation. SPI has a modern laboratory for the development of digital models that accelerate the innovation cycle.


Daily we find new ways of automating the transport system and robotizing activities. A process that we execute through technology centers, labs and manufacturing area for buyoff.

Internet of Things

With IoT, the customer relationship becomes interrupted. SPI has the knowledge to help discover creative ways to capture value from this new chain operating dynamic.

Industrial Automation

SPI in its 28 years of operation has already carried out hundreds of Industrial Automation projects and can contribute in a unique way to your project.

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Partners of the largest research centers, we have a privileged view of the next market trends.


We have a team of senior consultants, with plenty of experience in conducting projects made at SPI.


Each customer is unique. We approach problems differently, delivering exactly what they need.

Multidimensional Integration

A Company 4.0 develops its activities on a new operating system. A system based on data, built based on the integration of processes in three axes: Vertical – which ensures that the planned in the back office takes place in the front office; Horizontal – which links the raw material to the point of sale and; the service axis – which connects R&D to the customer. At SPI we have the experience of carrying out projects focused on making this multidimensional integration of Revolution 4.0 feasible for different sectors.


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